Things to do in Nairobi

Nairobi is the capital of Kenya and can be just the annual trip destination your family needs.
You can take a closer look at the wildlife and also get to know the tribal culture.
Here are some of the top places you should visit while you’re there:

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust:
Nairobi has many places that offer you the luxury of spending time in a legitimately wild environment. David Sheldrick worked all his life to preserve and sustain a healthy surrounding for animals living in the Tsavo national park.
Within Nairobi National Park, the wildlife trust has been assigned a specific amount of land.
David, in his time, worked tirelessly in developing healthy upbringing methods for black rhinos and elephants. His main aim was to deal with orphaned animals affectionately and not letting them feel the absence of their parents.
He reintroduced many orphaned rhinos and elephants to the jungle life alongside his wife.
The Center these days, serves as one of the most visited tourist spots in Nairobi.

Visitors start entering the center at 11 in the morning. The tour starts from a viewing gallery located near a muddy area where rhinos come to get their morning sip of water.
Dozens of baby elephants also march towards the watering hole in the supervision of animal handlers.
You can also see the animal handling experts while they bottle feed these adorable creatures.



National Museum:
The national museum of Kenya will explain all about the country’s history and all the cultural transitions in one tour.
It’s a state-of-the-art building located amid lush green gardens. Apart from all the exhibitions that are going on at the museum, you should definitely see the artificially created model of a massive elephant.
The fiberglass outwork has been created by a renowned artist named Ahmed and represents the value of this elephant as a symbol during the poaching crisis that took place in the 80s.
The elephant was placed under a 24-hour security surveillance by the president because of its stature at that time.

The Giraffe Centre:
The Giraffe Centre of Nairobi, as depicted by the name, is the place to go if you haven’t interacted with Giraffes in your life.
Giraffes are adorable creatures and you can hand-feed them on your tour of the center.
The Centre has been specially created to protect the endangered species of Rothschild’s giraffe.